Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Free Sample-Plexus Slim by Sue Hollis

 Plexus Slim Free Sample Request

Receive a 100% FREE sample of our all new Weight Loss Combo. One capsule of Accelerator taken with one delicious drink of Plexus Slim daily simply melts the fat away!

The combination of Plexus Slim and the lightly caffeinated Accelerator (similar to 1 cup of coffee) work together to create the best weight loss system available today!

Your free sample will contain one stick-pack of Plexus Slim and one capsule of Plexus Slim Accelerator.
FREE shipping. No Credit Card required.

* One free sample per household.

Due to the cost of shipping we can only ship free samples to the U.S. and Canada. If you live outside of these areas, please email or call today to discuss other options for ordering and shipping cost.

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Tel: 662-251-5883 or 662-251-0705

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    Plexus Slim By Sue Hollis,
    Sue & Randy Hollis